i always think “if people want to talk to me they will” which is my reasoning for never really starting conversations so i’m permanently thinking no one wants to talk but what if they’re sat there thinking the same and it’s just this cycle of silence that never gets broken because i’m too stubborn to just put myself out there 

One Direction ‘Steal My Girl’ - 3 days to go


If you’re going to do something tonight, please let it be watching this video. I swear you won’t be disappointed and that it will touch you deeply.

Friends of mine have just released this song and it would mean the world to them if you listened to it/shared it/started to follow them on twitter/facebook.

They’ve poured their souls and feelings into this song and I cannot begin to explain how proud of them I am. So please, please, share, reblog, like, do whatever you want. I will not stop reblogging this until I feel like it has touched enough people anyway.

Thank you, love ya guys

Harry and Louis & WWA Tour 2014

Despite the lack of interaction they were definitely orbiting around each other. I’ve read other fan reports that have pointed this out and I definitely see what they mean now. I think it’s very hard to pick up on that from just a couple of videos, I’ll admit I hadn’t really, but now I get it. What I noticed was that Harry was the one who was more likely to zoom in, he was usually the one who gravitated towards Louis so to speak. It looked very natural and oh my, do they look good standing next to each other. They just fit.”


Reblog! This could save lives!


In Europe they don’t say “I love you” they say “chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash” and I think that’s beautiful